DataBinding is Neat

Data binding is a nice feature and powerful. I am quoting what Martin Fowler has said in his article about state:

One copy of data lies in the database itself. This copy is the lasting record of the data, so I call it the record state. A further copy lies inside in-memory Record Sets within the application. Most client-server environments provided tools which made this easy to do. This data was only relevant for one particular session between the application and the database, so I call it session state. The final copy lies inside the GUI components themselves. This, strictly, is the data they see on the screen, hence I call it the screen state.

Data binding primarily used to solve the synchronization problem between state in GUI (screen state) with application memory state. Any change happen at GUI reflected to memory and vice versa. It is the ideal solution for developer who do not like to do anything twice or multiple times.

Why is databinding is an ideal solution for us developers?

  1. Less code for developers
    It is the absolute benefit for developers since less code means less work, less review and less debugging. As most of developer is often quoted with: It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove. In rough understanding, it means faster development.
  2. Consistent
    The code used for handling data binding is same for entire system/framework. It means one solution for a case is also applicable for the same case in other place. Also in some other words, the consistency itself is DRY, since it follows “Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system”.
  3. Flexible
    A good databinding feature can give you more flexibility. You can do modification with the display easier and nice, with less code to do.
  4. Encourage Single Responsibility Principle
    It helps to decouple your viewmodel with your UI. Databinding can help to remove the responsibility to handle UI update from your viewmodel, thus encourage SRP.


Databinding can help you to solve synchronization problem between UI state and memory state, and a nice feature to have. If you are doing intensive data entry with updated UI here and there, it can provide you with flexibility and ease of use to freely modify the display.

But does it have any drawback aside from it’s powerful functionality?

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