Efficient Blog Post : Apply SRP to post

Today I just realized that I can apply Single Responsibility Principle in writing blog posts. It happens during my writing of DataBinding is Neat post. Let’s see what we can get between SRP and writing blog posts.

Every class should have responsibility over a single part of the functionality provided by the software, and that responsibility should be entirely encapsulated by the class. All its services should be narrowly aligned with that responsibility.

It is the definition of SRP in Object Oriented Programming. If we take the general meaning, it means that one “object” can only have one responsibility. In blogging world, that object means one post. So one post can only have one responsibility, or one topic to be discussed, and the discussion must be narrowed to that specific topic.

I don’t say that this is the best way to write posts. But for an amateur in blogging like me, and maybe you who want to begin writing, this is a nice way to posting. There are tons of good writers out there like Joel Spolsky who can write long post with multiple topics inside, but still interesting for us to read.

One topic keep you focus. Maybe now you are interested in one topic and want to post something related to that topic. If you keep your focus to one topic, you can arrange your writing nicely and neat, as well as interesting. Also, it will prevent you to spread into other topics where you find less interested, and then you get bored at all.

One topic will keep your writing short, and publish fast. Seems familiar with programming jargon? Code short and publish fast is usually the general guidance for us, programmer. (FYI, it is aligned with KISS principle). You won’t keep your interest with one topic for long. So as long as your interest is still there, you need to clear your post fast and publish it, or you won’t publish anything at all.


Stick up with one topic can give many benefit for inexperienced writers. It can help you maintain your interest with the post and also enable you to publish faster. If you have little to zero experience in writing posts, stick up with one topic for one post, and if you want to continue the topic, create another post.

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