Hardest : back-end enterprise system development

What is the hardest thing during developing back-end enterprise system? As a programmer, I have experienced full cycle of building a system in a company from start until being used. Based on my experience, when I try to order them into priorities, this is how I will do it. Please note that this list is different while developing framework/foundation (maybe i’ll list them later):

  1. Handle exception and negative case
  2. Server administration (uptime, backup, re-index, disaster management)
  3. Implementation / publishing / change management
  4. Business requirement gathering
  5. System Documentation
  6. 3rd party system integration
  7. Programming

Of course the priority can be changed based on what system to develop, how good is the company / enterprise with planning the system, etc. And this list can be biased only by my experience alone. But I think the adjustment cannot be shifted very different. If you are a programmer, do you agree with the list? Why is programming / developing the code is the easiest in developing back-end enterprise system? What is my priority based on?

Edit 2015/05/28: 3rd party hardware integration’s scope is too small and is similar with 3rd party system integration. Hence the modification.

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