People and Methodology at Work

Spot on points about methodology. Will be useful for software development.

People - Process - System

Before I start, I hate to work with un-organized people and organization. Campaigning what should we do with Plan Do Check Action (PDCA) slogans, just like fart… No Plan, Less Do, Un-check and No Action…

Back to this article, I would like to combine between People and Process through this title… People and Methodology at Work…

My personal definition (and originally made by me) of methodology is the art to solve problem systematically utilizing creativity, knowledge and experiences continuously.

In my perspective, there is only optimized methodology or un-optimized methodology. Methodology can’t be judged right or wrong. That’s it.

Five things I would like to highlight related to methodology:

  • Creativity. Mainly focus on methodology development. How creative you are to solve the problem, related to the methodology process and result. Creativity closely related to the skill.
  • Knowledge or education background as a foundation to build up methodology. It’s like a background processing in computation. What you…

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