Big or Small Company

Last night I’ve met with my past co-worker at a big company. Before working here at a small company, I’ve worked at a big company for some time beforehand. We talked a lot. Based on their story, the work situation there currently is not far off from last time I was there, or maybe even worse. Same company size, worse workload. It makes me think, how different is it at the big company instead with one in a small company?

Decision maker

In small company, most of strategic decision lies at the hand of the owner. The success factor or future of company lies at the sole hand of the owner.

Meanwhile in big company, The strategic decision are separated by levels. More critical and strategic the decision, the higher the position that make the decision.

Position competency

In big company, a position have clear definition about competencies and required skills. In small company, strategic position usually filled with relations (family or friend), or subjective competency from the owner.

Reward and punishment

In big company, reward and punishment are defined clearly. In small company, it is changing from time to time and only based from oral norms.

Strategic plan duration

Strategic plan in small company usually can be executed faster and clear faster. Usually the strategic plan is planned shorter (days/ weeks/ months) before execution. Strategic plan in big company need more factors to reconsider, has bigger duration and cannot be easily executed. Strategic plan also planned further (years) in big company.


Usually, small company are tend to violate the law more than big company. Especially for tax and employment law. It is basically due to the government can monitor big company more than small company, and big company can easily be exposed when violating law,


Big company usually has more stable performance. The same performance can be expected with the branches in same area. Small company’s performance are vary and unstable. It is usually based on company owner’s performance, or some skillful’s manpower. When the company lost those skillful manpower, usually the performance go down a lot.


Big company tend to be more rigid and stiff. They don’t change much, but they have clear plans, rewards and rules. In small company, the rules are more subjective based on owner’s view, but they are more agile and flexible.

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