Custom apps IT Solution vs Product Developer

Last night I was being interviewed at one IT solution. The interview goes normal, with questions technically and personally. However I feel that the topic of question is different from the last time I had interview (around 2 weeks ago). Long story short, this interview asks more about technical skills and ability of using tools, while at the last interview the topic is leaning more to design, architecture, security and performance.

Custom IT solution is doing the hard work

I’m sorry to say and if this phrase is very harsh to you, but if you are working at custom IT solution, it means that you are being expected to do hard works. The client does not expecting you a good quality product. They expect you to work under their order and develop what they want. You are being valued by how hard you work, not by the product you produced (well the product also being valued, but not as much as your hard work).

I may sound narrow minded, but that is what happen in majority of custom IT Solution companies. Maybe not all (if any), but at least most of them do like that, at least at my country. And no, I don’t say that the practice is bad, or delivered bad-quality product is a sin for those company. It is just a nature of the company, enhanced by clueless leader about IT world. Moreover, the business nature of custom IT solution tend to bring the company into that path.

Faster delivery = more revenue

It is true for all IT solution that faster delivery = more revenue, because faster delivery means more project to handle and it means more income. However the way they do to improve delivery time is wrong. Usually they cut testing time and encourage overtime (worse, unpaid). It resulting in fast, low quality product. Fast, cheap, good, pick two. Usually they pick the fast and cheap one.

Less self improvement

Self improvement (better design, better framework, better developed component, code review, test units, etc) is third priority inside those company. Product delivery takes number one, while customer support takes second. It is because self improvement is seen as expense (manpower and time) and has invisible/indirect benefit. Training and conference does not fall into self improvement though, because it is tightly required to development. Try to learn kaizen.

Even if the company apply self-improvement, it will be driven and handled from top levels, rendering your involvement useless.

Bad documentation

Because you can support and train the customer directly in such big time span (morning to night), it makes documentation less required. Moreover writing a good documentation, and update it every changes will require big effort.

No idea will bloom

Any sprouting idea won’t bloom. Because everything is made by customer request, the company does not need good, fresh idea. They just need a good worker and constructor. Moreover, idea will be seen as hindrance, costly and too much effort to apply.

What about product developer?

If the company developed a product and live by it, the mind set will be different. I don’t say all product developer like that, but at least the successful one does.

Higher quality = more revenue & less cost

Am I drunk that I write something like that? No, I’m not drunk. In product developer company, higher quality product will increase customer satisfaction, resulting in good testimony and recommendation, then resulting in increased sales, means more revenue.

But isn’t higher quality means longer development time and higher cost? Why it can become less cost? It is indeed higher in short time period. However because you will maintain the product for long time (years, at least), fewer bugs and good administration system will help you cutting the cost. The longer the product being maintained, the higher the cost is saved.


A good product must have a good manual, and documented. The better the documentation is, the lesser effort needed to support the customer. It may not apply in all case, but at least some are. The more customer using this product, the more documentation is needed.


Idea is everything for the lifetime of the product. A stagnant product lack of new features will become obsolete, and lose competition with new products. The terms is coined as product lifecycle. A good idea from the company member has higher chance to be applied.


The business flow of custom IT solution and product developer is different. Their revenue source and cost is also different. How they are managing the development and support is following each business process. A custom IT solution focus more on development time, while product developer focus more into quality. Not every company in each type follow the same rules, There is also custom IT solution who focus on quality, and product developer who focus on development time.

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