I’ve found a bug! Who to blame?

Despite that blame culture serve no benefit to the company, many companies still have this culture. Moreover, it is stupider to put a blame for bugs happened in software. Simply said, that’s because bugs happen, and the possibility of a bug is close to infinite.

Many times, many parties responsible for bugs in production

Let’s say that we use the following SDLC: requirement, analysis, design, develop, test, implement, maintenance. Now let’s see which responsibility can be held in each phases for each parties.


The requirement given by user is ambiguous, has multiple meaning or the worst, he/she is wrong when giving the requirement. Next, the meeting PIC (person in charge) is doing mistake during passing the requirement through the analyst and programmer.


The analyst doing a mistake during interpreting the user requirement. The analyst is mistaken during communicating the analysis and requirement through the programmer.


Many-many things can happen during development. Wrong logic condition, wrong parameter assignment, etc. In short, the code is wrong.


The test case is very lacking compared to the complexity of the project and environment deployed. The case is testing wrong things. The test case resulting in false positive.


Incorrect publish parameter. Incorrect deployment tools configuration. Production environment not tested beforehand. Production environment (OS, etc) is different with testing environment, and the code has environment-dependencies. Worse if the publishing done manually.


Internal support team inserting data with format that is not tested (whitespace characters). Some script being executed without tested. No change management for software correction, which causing the developers can directly push file to server. Some maintenance activity (backup, index rebuilding) causing anomaly and incorrect results. User trying to break the system.User input data with unsupported format.

Other causes

Requirement change mid-development. Some requirement break / not compatible with other requirement. Development time being shortened to meet earlier shipping date. Natural disaster causing loss in development time, but no schedule adjustment.

Bugs caused by many factors

Despite code / logic error, many other things can cause bug to an application. For example:

  • compiler / interpreter error – very rare cases though
  • flawed server configuration / installation
  • OS-level bug
  • Bug caused by different configuration in different environment
  • Error caused by cosmic rays
  • Y2k error – year 2000 problem
  • Network-related error
  • Incorrect data / format
  • Not-printable characters input

And there are many-many more.

Conclusion – now, who I can blame for that?

It’s best to not blame anyone for bugs / error happened in a software. Entire team / company should take responsibility for the error (even user as well). What you need to do is, to find the root cause, fix the software and find a way so the same mistake / error won’t happen in the future.

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