Are you a programmer or software architect? Have you ever think about how good is your software architecture? Have you developed the right way? What is a good design? What can you do to enhance your code?

Smart Flow is a site that hold a collection of articles about programming and software architectures. It holds many information about good and bad software architectures, which pattern need to be avoided, which one need to be improved, what is the dangers ahead and so on.

My name is Fendy. I am experienced at software developer and architecture. I am currently developing mini-ERP internal system together with my partner, and I am responsible for technical architecture and design, as well as development itself. Mainly experienced with C#-html-javascript, I have some interest and experience when facing with software architecture for maintainability. My secondary language will be php.

I am by any means realized that I still have much to learn and improve, as well as still having bad design myself. However from this blog, I hope that I can archive my experience, share it and discuss it for improvement later on. For now, feel free to contact me at LinkedIn.

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